Ready To Upgrade To Double Glazing In West Sussex?

Double glazing can solve a range of winter woes, from condensation to cold draughts in your property. 

With energy bills soaring, it’s a long-term way to reduce the cost of heating your home. Although you need to pay for the initial installation, it will soon pay off. Having double or triple glazing can also add to the value of your property in West Sussex.

Double glazing not only helps to keep you warm in winter, but will keep your home cooler in summer. Furthermore, it can reduce levels of noise pollution which is particularly helpful if you live on a busy road. 

Whether you need old windows replaced or double glazing introduced, MPG Maintenance makes the process quick and affordable. 

We also carry out emergency window repairs throughout West and East Sussex. MPG Maintenance works with a wide range of clients including landlords who need regular support. We can repair or replace any part of your window, from the glass to the locks and the mechanism. 

MPG Maintenance appreciates that running a commercial property or portfolio of buildings can be expensive. We offer highly competitive rates for all our services. Our team can also work on all types of windows, including tilt and turn designs. Whatever project you need work on, we’re always happy to provide a free estimate. 

Since we’re on the borders of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, we’re also ideal for people in these locations.

If you need a double glazing installation in East or West Sussex, don’t hesitate to drop us a line today.