Fast and Competitively-Priced Window Repairs in West Sussex

Broken windows in winter are particularly stressful. Not only do you have to contend with the cold, wet weather, the darker evenings can make you feel unsafe. Commercial businesses with faulty windows might be worried about being more vulnerable to thieves or vandals.

Whether you have draughts coming through poorly insulated frames, or an accident has caused broken glass, MPG Maintenance delivers a swift and efficient repair service.

Quality windows are essential for keeping your energy bills as low as possible. It’s estimated that up to 20% heat escapes from poorly insulated windows and doors. Double glazing also plays an important part in conserving heat and preventing issues like condensation, which get worse at this time of year.

Whether you’re a busy homeowner or landlord, MPG Maintenance works on properties throughout West and East Sussex, Surrey & Kent

Whether you’re looking to have double glazing installed or need new security features on your doors, our team are also locksmiths which means we can also help fix and fit locks too. We carry out repairs on all styles of windows at homes and commercial properties in West and East Sussex.

Our services include repairing or replacing windows in conservatories and French doors.

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Or if you need expert window repairs in West Sussex, don’t hesitate to drop us a line today.